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Contrarian Bets

Las Vegas Knows It, You Should Too

Vegas Sharps and Wall Street Insiders Know It

The Contrarian approach has proven effective in a broad spectrum of markets and you would expect it to be especially so in sports betting - where the books set the opening lines, in consideration of the public's prediction to bet favorites and overs in every sport.

No Hype, No BS, No Phony Records

Contrarian Bets is linked to an independent monitoring site at Pickmonitor.com with no ability to change, alter, or delete selections.  We are stuck with the numbers, whether we like them or not.

MLB Special Pricing

Season Subscription

Take advantage of our special MLB Season subscription pricing. For first time subscribers, sign up for one month, we will extend your subscription one month free. If you don't make a profit with our selections, we will refund your entire subscription price.  As simple as that.

67-71 +17.67 units

MLB 2013

Contrarian Bets continues to earn clients profitability without promising the nonsense that most services offer. There is no sales pitch, just a consistent selection strategy resulting in profits for your pocket.  If you're looking for the 10, 20, 50 unit play, you went to the wrong place.

MLB Return on Investment

4.6% Return on Investment

Contrarian Bets consistent selection strategy provides clients with a 4.6% return on investment (ROI) for MLB.  We are ready to attack the sportsbooks once again and provide an ROI that banking institutions can't pay.  Remember all picks are monitored by an independent monitoring site.


Happy clients who have left happy messages...

I have been in the sports handicapping business and dealt with all kinds.  Contrarian Bets has my vote of confidence and an impeccable reputation for quality.

CEO Patrick Griffith, Pickmonitor.com

Contrarian Bets has proven over and over again their commitment to handicapping sports.  Their achievements are extraordinary.

Tucker D, Northern California

I fully believe in their methodology and winning strategy.  On a very short list of handicappers I would feel comfortable recommending.

Mike McClain, Ohio

Why Buy My Service?

  • Both of Us Make Money

    Just remember, we will be playing our selections along with you. Most of my profits come from betting.

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  • No Phony BS

    We are 100% transparent. If you like what we offer, great. If not, we are not going to lie to make you a customer. All picks verified by Pickmonitor.com

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  • Great Customer Service

    You won't be left in the dark.  We pride ourselves in long-term relationships not get rich schemes.

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  • Twitter Service

    For clients convenience, we offer Twitter service.  Go to Twitter at ContrarianPick to request approval.

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The Contrarian Approach

This site was created at the urging of many, who wanted an easy location to view and track the Contrarian Bet selections.  There are sites out there that are more glitzy, but others can't surpass the transparency, honesty and customer service, we provide.  For those of you unfamiliar with Contrarian Handicapping, it takes into account what the public sees, which creates and imbalance on the established game line.  There are many established angles that provide profitable selections over the long term. CHECK OUT OUR BLOG.