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I apologize for being a little negligent relating to the blog for sometime.  I am in the middle of a real estate move, renovating a new home and have not had the energy or the time to put a few sentences together for all the Contrarians Bets followers.  Nonetheless, NFL has been extremely profitable, posting a 33-27 55% +29.99 units.  As you know, we play our selections right along with you.  We share the ups and well as the downs, but as we know, the long term profit is consistent.  In actuality it has been more successful than the posted units recorded on the website.  The alternate lines, which are not reported on this site have been played generating more units for the bankroll.  Regression to the mean is always a concern, so over confidence is a warning sign, waiting around the corner.  It is always statistically inevitable, regardless of what the experts say.  That's where our money management (MM) strategies come into play more and more. 

So sit back and enjoy, college hoops is getting ready for us to play on a daily basis.  Thanks for your support and may the Contrarian side be your guiding selection.

The Contrarian

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