Week 1 Close Out

4/8/12 9:15PM - 0 comments

Got out of the starting gate with the MLB.  There was a couple of cooler games that held us back a bit. Nonetheless, it ended with a double banger with the Padres getting the cheese with a rare 3 unit play, an accompanying +188 RL cash, and a solid under total in the Indians game today where the squares believed the bullpens were depleted after the ungodly extra innings.  The only Sunday loser was the Rockies where a foolish error by the Rockies third basemen in the bottom 8th, prevented a clean sweep, but I will take it.   I like how things progressed for the first week and looking forward to the stats playing out.  Specifically, as the stats compile as the games occur, it puts the squares in stat mode which only provides us with ample opportunity to expose the lines.

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