March 2012

MLB - Something to Think About

3/28/12 11:38AM - 0 comments

In an effort to take advantage of the MLB money lines, look at each betting day as an "event", not each game.  Your objective is to put yourself in a position to gain positive units on each event by placing action on games, that if you go 50-50 on the day, you do not realize negative unit...

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NCAA Line Movements

3/18/12 1:40PM - 0 comments

I want to apologize to our clients for posting NCAA selections within several minutes of game time. On occasion, this has been the case due to contrarian opportunities in wagering markets that take on a ton of volume.  As stated on our website, we generally post the selections no lat...

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Contrarian Bets Money Management

3/11/12 9:32AM - 1 comment

Money management (MM) discussion as it relates to your bankroll (BR) takes on a different flavor depending on the handicappers tolerance for monetary fluctuation.  I wanted to take this opportunity to post my MM philosophy without the boring mathematical complexities.  Our selections...

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Average Odds 52.38% Box

3/8/12 9:08PM - 1 comment

At last, MLB is fast upon us and the 52.38 is finally gone.  As many of us know, -110 creates a break even point of 52.38%.  Spread wagers in football and hoops create the box, MLB flattens the box completely by taking advantage of the moneyline (ML).  Now, I am definitely ...

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Contrarian Bets - Welcome

3/7/12 6:45PM - 2 comments

I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you to Contrarian Bets.  For those of you who have been following for a awhile, we were formerly Contrarian Sports Pick, but after urging by many of our clients, we looked for a domain that was a little easier on the "brain" and a website that ...

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