Contrarian Bets Money Management

3/11/12 9:32AM - 1 comment

Money management (MM) discussion as it relates to your bankroll (BR) takes on a different flavor depending on the handicappers tolerance for monetary fluctuation.  I wanted to take this opportunity to post my MM philosophy without the boring mathematical complexities.  Our selections are assigned a 1-5 unit play.  Our MM establishes a dollar value per unit by computing the following:  3% BR / 5.  Example: 20,000 BR x 3% = 600 / 5 = 120 unit.

We have found success over the long term, it relies on recalculation on a daily basis, which is an easy chore.  Excel spreadsheet, calculator, or old fashioned pen & paper will get it done.  One of the most important considerations with the MM is consistency.  MM keeps you on track, there's nothing to think about, or approximate.  Once you assign your unit value on the selection, the MM formula takes over from there.  Give it try, it's worked for us.

The Contrarian

On May 15th at 8:36PM Karina Said:

You write so honestly about this. Thanks for shriang!

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