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I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you to Contrarian Bets.  For those of you who have been following for a awhile, we were formerly Contrarian Sports Pick, but after urging by many of our clients, we looked for a domain that was a little easier on the "brain" and a website that was a little easier on the "eyes.

Last year was a successful year, yielding a +31 units for the 2011 MLB Season.  Unfortunately, the season was riddled with injuries, not the players but myself.  I required surgery in the summer that threw a monkey wrench into the mix and disturbed our handicapping success.

Looking forward to the upcoming season, Contrarian handicapping is our methodology. We consider what information the public sees, that makes the line i.e. ERA, streaks, and standings. This information is for the novice/square player and the information is undoubtedly overrated.  We consider, does the line make sense, particularly on the favorite?  Oftentimes, the public will use the above information and as a result, pound the favorite.  People then see this line movement and act accordingly to the "Square Gods From Above".   We consider head to head records, where the line is lower than expected for the dominating team.  There are several other triggers in contrarian handicapping,  but I won't bore you as of yet.

Disciplined money management is the life blood of any successful season. It has been said before in another sport, but very appropriate in sports betting, "It's not how good you hit the good one's, it's how bad you hit the bad one's."  Money management will save the day or destroy it, if not used properly.

Well enough is enough for now. I will blog here from time to time.  Please feel free to submit blog suggestions, comments, bitches, or whatever thru this blog.

The Contrarian

On April 11th at 12:44PM Coffin Corner Said:

Very nice site... love the oversize cartoon graphics and the uncrowded text area... hit on the high points. To the "ACCIDENTAL TOURIST" who has landed on this web page by accident and also to the INTERESTED VISITOR from or some other forum. I'd give this Contrarian chap a good long look as an investment angle. As of today's writing in all sports he has accumulated 868 picks and is very good in Baseball & Basketball. In a post at, I stated that "poor money management" can be reworded as "unrealistic expectations" This is a different market with places like Pinnacle taking wagers of $100,000 and betting/wagering syndicates opening up shops that are more like brokerage houses. This sucks the value out of the line and points to the handicappiing skills of chaps like Contrarian. The beautiful part about the "sports monitor" motif of is that you can see every pick that Contrarian ever made as the lines existed at 5Dimes sportsbook. So at one has what one lacks in other "sports monitoring" sites; to wit, "full 100% transparency" Hey... go there yourself and open up your own free handicapper account and pick the games to see how you do against the pros. The rock singer, Alice Cooper used to chuckle at how some one-hit wonders all of a sudden became self-appointed experts on the music scene. Alice Cooper would say to get a catalog of 10 to 15 "top twenty" hits before you started talking about the music scene Ditto with opening up a and fantasy wagering into real lines.. See how tough it is to keep your neck above water and see how you are doing with 868 games under your belt. Then you begin to start factoring The Contrarian's service as an investment vehicle. Factor in the cost of paying for the service and what size bankroll you are going to use and how many wagering units you will be dividing that bankroll into. The Contrarian has posted in his blog his own money management system. There are articles in the forum that expand on this topic There are plenty of articles at on "money management" also which will definitely surprise you and definitely confirm to you that "sports wagering" quite possibly should be considered as a responsible investing medium in one's total portfolio

On March 7th at 7:15PM Patrick Griffith Said:

Great website and great post! It's been a pleasure getting to know you over the past year or so, and I hope that this phase of your career is exciting and prosperous.

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