April 2012

7-0 Heater

4/27/12 6:33AM - 0 comments

The Contrarian selection has pegged a 7-0 for the last seven games. What does that mean, NOTHING. As we have discussed before, sports betting is for the long term, short term results are for the suckers. Nonetheless, we take the heater anyway. Hope you are enjoying. Feel free to comment a...

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It Happens - What Do We Do?

4/16/12 5:26AM - 0 comments

Throughout the capping year, we will come across a few occasions where we are blanked on a selection day.  Most services will make an effort to underplay, hide or deny the fact that they went "Ofor", not us.  One of the dangers in capping, when it results in a "ofor" day, is for...

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Contrarian Double Dog Play (CDDP)

4/12/12 5:25PM - 1 comment

Today's afternoon selections, Over Mariners 9.5 +110 and Cubs +120 is a paired selection providing us positive units with a split.  One of the key strategies is taking advantage of the price where a split creates positive cash and positive units to our bank.  As I have discussed in t...

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Thanks to New Clients

4/12/12 9:59AM - 0 comments

I want to take this opportunity to welcome our new clients that we have picked up in the last couple of day.  I am sure you are interested in getting an understanding on how the selection philosophy is established.  Feel free to look thru the blog, I have created some entries that can get yo...

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Week 1 Close Out

4/8/12 9:15PM - 0 comments

Got out of the starting gate with the MLB.  There was a couple of cooler games that held us back a bit. Nonetheless, it ended with a double banger with the Padres getting the cheese with a rare 3 unit play, an accompanying +188 RL cash, and a solid under total in the Indian...

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